Charter Flights to Kisumu Airport

Kisumu located in Western part of Kenya is a destination that we've been flying to for years, fly from Nairobi Wilson Airpot to Kisumu Airport with Rainbow Air Charters. Our Pilots will offer you a guided aerial view from Great Rift Valley to the tea plantations in Kericho to Lake Victoria, not just a flight but a guided one.


Nairobi - Kisumu - Nairobi

Rainbow Air Charters Kenya arranges private jet charter flights to Kisumu from wilson airport and Jomo Kenyatta airport in Nairobi. booking an air charter to and from Kisumu Airport where we make the air travel arrangements and tailor make them to fit your individual needs. assistance in arranging a charter Jet from Kisumu Airport or wish to book a charter flight at Kisumu Airport either in private or Group travel,in mission travel kindly get in touch with us.