Charter Flights To Lake Turkana

Are you looking for a cheap private and affordable flights to Lake Turkana Kenya? Book a private charter and fly direct to Lake Turkana. Lake Turkana is Kenya's Wild Northern frontier and combines the Mathew's Range, Chalbi Desert, Laikipia and a short visit to Lake Turkana. Scenic flights to Lake Turkana (Jade Sea) for fishing, visit to the 'Cradle of Mankind' at Koobi Fora, and Oasis Lodge (pre booking required). Kenya’s North is desert country- hot, parched and broken by volcanic activity, where ancient blackened lava flows and endless thorn trees stretch from horizon to horizon. Getting to Turkana overland is no mean feat. While it is possible to fly to the Lake in a Chartered aircraft (and indeed flying is recommended for the furthest Northern reaches) it must be said that flying to Turkana somewhat distills the adventure. However, the flight itself is quite an experience, taking in wonderful vistas across the Suguta Valley and providing a bird’s eye view of the Lake itself. Loiyangalani is a good base for exploring- either by boat to South Island National Park, or by climbing nearby Mount Kulal- a challenging climb which needs to be undertaken with care. El Molo Bay is home to Kenya’s smallest tribe, the El Molo whose numbers have dwindled through intermarriage and linguistic and cultural absorption into the Turkana and Samburu communities.


Turkana Accommodations

Accomodations at Lake Turkana, new Lobolo Camp treads the fine line between roughing it and the more comfortable” easy” tented camps in Kenya’s more accessible Parks and Reserves.The first permanent tented camp in Turkana, Lobolo is nestled among 100acres of lush forest, watered by a series of fresh water springs.

The camp is owned and managed by Dutchman Halewjin and his Kenyan wife Joyce, who have been running safaris into this region for more than decade- and have developed a zealous passion for providing efficiency and service in this remote area. Sibiloi also incorporates Koobi Fora a very important site for Hominid Fossils, famous internationally since Richard Leakey’s discovery of ‘1470’ a 2 million year old skull of Homo Habilis. The camp has 6 spacious, spotless tents with spring water showers and specially raised beds to take advantage of cool breezes, and provide views of the sunset over the Lake.